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Below are links to opinion pieces written for sites including ABC's The Drum, The Conversation, The Punch and The Hoopla. To read my popular culture articles from my "Thinking Pop Culture" column (published by The Conversation), please click here.


"Please, spare us the details about celebrity suicides" The Drum (13 August, 2014)


"Jacqui Lambie's treasonous interest in (gasp!) sex " The Drum (23 July, 2014)


"Thorpedo and the rewriting of history" The Drum (14 July, 2014)


"Guilty man, guilty art" The Drum (1 July, 2014)


"Looking to footy for moral lessons is a piss-take" The Drum (30 June, 2014)


"Marrying Harry and the ethics of idiot box deceit" The Drum (23 May, 2014)


"Lewinsky, Clinton and ‘Zippergate’ redux 2014" The Conversation (7 May, 2014)


"Bondi's game of groans" The Drum (6 May, 2014)


"Phone privacy is sacrosanct - even for racists" (1 May, 2014)


"Bubble-wrapping childhood, footy style" The Drum (4 April, 2014)


"Making meaning from celebrity death" The Drum (24 February, 2014)


"Do feminists have a duty to care about ‘Our Schapelle’?" The Conversation (07 February, 2014)


"Our Schapelle: a smuggler for all seasons" The Drum (06 February, 2014)


"Miscarriage of emotions in abortion debate", The Drum (20 January, 2014)


"New Year's Peeve: the folly of the fresh start" The Drum (1 January, 2014)


"The bitter pill of male contraception" The Drum (4 December, 2013)


"Sex, Lies and Hypocrisy" Archer, issue 1 (Summer, 2013-2014)


"Sex and the supermarket: Woolworths giving off bad vibrations" The Conversation (30 September, 2013) 


"Navy Yard shootings: what does an ‘immediate’ media response actually provide?" The Conversation (17 September, 2013)


"When the going gets tough, tough guys get the wife and kids out" The Conversation (27 August, 2013)


"Big TV and our small screen vernacular" The Conversation (16 August, 2013)


"Baby crazy: royal obsession of the poor-taste press" The Drum (23 July, 2013)


"There's no gutter the shock jocks won't plunder" The Drum (14 June, 2013)


"Dining out on the prime minister – time to change the ‘Menugate’?" The Conversation (13 June, 2013)


"Sexiness, surgery and the Jolie factor" The Drum (15 May, 2013)


"The mythology of last words" The Drum (April 29, 2013)


"In our Bieber outrage, we forget Anne Frank was a teen" The Drum (April 16, 2013)


"Death shouldn't change our minds about Thatcher" The Drum (April 10, 2013)


"Dogs in suspenders. Yep, it’s a thing. And here’s why" The Conversation (April 9, 2013)


"Put away the champers: we can't afford the Grand Prix" in The Drum (March 5, 2013)


"The militancy of the mummy mafia" in The Drum (February 7, 2013)


"An old dog with an old trick: why Lance Armstrong’s Oprah moment won’t save him" The Conversation (January 16, 2013)


"Certain people we know... should keep their opinions in check" The Drum (December 14, 2012)


"For King and Country: the duty to conceive" The Drum (December 4, 2012)  


"Terrible Tuesday: Australia's failed Cyber Monday foray" The Drum (November 21, 2012)


"Easy virtue or easy outrage?" The Drum (October 12, 2012)


"Dwelling on the demise of the department store" The Drum (September 21, 2012)


"Boob-flashing and fury do not a lady royal make" The Drum (September 18, 2012)


"Bullying and complicity in a social media world" The Drum (August 31, 2012) 


"Schoolgirl innocence in Sierra Leone? Why selling fetish as fundraiser doesn’t fly " The Conversation (August 28, 2012)


"Tramps like us: Target and modern day misogyny " The Conversation (August 20, 2012)


"Puberty Blues: a timely reminder of female sexuality" The Drum (August 16, 2012)


"Totes TMI: how Kristen Stewart embodies the modern trend of online oversharing" The Conversation (26 July, 2012)


"'Hottest refugee' search is cheap, nasty and revealing" The Drum (July 19, 2012)


"Where have all the menstruators gone? Exploring missing menstruation on screen" re: Cycling Blog (July 18, 2012)


"Carefree discharges the v-bomb – but who’s afraid of the word ‘vagina’?" The Conversation (July 17, 2012)


"Child modelling no worse than the grown-up kind" The Drum (10 July, 2012)


"Masterchef and menstruation: how the media hijacks women’s fertility" The Conversation (10 July, 2012)


"Sophie Mirabella shouldn’t be attacked for failing to emote" The Conversation (3 July, 2012)


"Lingerie Football: ignore it and it will go away " The Conversation (7 June, 2012)


"Men as horndogs and the problem with sex research" The Drum (4 June, 2012)


"Trailblazing sacrifices: the politics of discrimination suits" The Drum (24 May, 2012)


"Monogamy: cheating on what nature intended, or a simple choice?" The Conversation (22 May, 2012)


"Old sex, fat sex and the popularity of porn taboos" The Conversation (14 May, 2012)


"Latex ladies and the delusion of sexbot domination" The Drum (24 April, 2012)


"Spank me silly: sadomasochism and the modern woman" The Conversation (23 April, 2012)


"OMG Titanic was like for realz #wtf " The Conversation (11 April, 2012)


"Ms, Miss, Mademoiselle … why titles for women matter" The Conversation (27 February, 2012)


"Prime ministerial perceptions and the gender agenda" The Drum (23 February, 2012)


"Love is a (regulatory) battlefield: the ACCC takes on dating website scammers" The Conversation (21 February, 2012)


"Grief tweets and the compassion performance" The Drum (13 February, 2012)


"Curses, Camelot and that fickle notion of consent" The Drum (9 February, 2012)


"Tailgating, the Superbowl and the ineffable mysteries of why people do the things they do" The Conversation (6 February, 2012)


"Sex scandals should not render a leader impotent" The Punch (25 January, 2012)


"In defence of Paula Deen, battered cheesecake and ‘food porn’" The Conversation (24 January, 2012)


"Dumbing-down our political leaders" ABC Drum (19 January, 2012)


"The return to Middle Ages justice" ABC Drum (13 January, 2012)


"Jay-Z, Beyonce, baby Blue Ivy and the art of naming" The Conversation (11 January, 2012)


"One quarterback under God: what Tim Tebow taught an Australian about America" The Conversation (21 December, 2011)


"Is he or isn’t he? The tawdry pastime of sexuality speculation" (The Conversation) (7 December, 2011) (Published as "The Scourge of Sexuality Speculation" on The Drum (8 December, 2011)


"Settling for second fiddle" The Hoopla (5 December, 2011)


"Is sex a human right?" The Conversation (30 November, 2011)


"United colours of hate", ABC Drum (18 November, 2011)


"Halloween fun police" ABC Drum (31 October, 2011)


"The occupy movement needs a point, not Kanye West" The Punch (24 October, 2011)


"A weighty issue for the USA. Can a fat man be president?" The Conversation (5 October, 2011)


"Fat chance: if Christie runs, prejudice runs with him" ABC Drum (3 October, 2011)


"The agony of industry nights" ABC Drum (20 September 2011)


"Grindr, Blendr and why gays get all the cool stuff first" The Conversation (17 September, 2011)


"Australia's next top moron" ABC Drum (6 September, 2011)


"Hurricane politics" ABC Drum (30 August, 2011)


"Snobbery and stuffiness adds little to a mean" ABC Drum (23 August, 2011)


"Gay marriage? Is that the best you can do?" ABC Drum (15 August, 2011)


"Leopard-print, lurex and the lil' supermodels" ABC Drum (10 August, 2011)


"Morrissey, Anders Breivik and the claim that all meat is murder" The Conversation (3 August, 2011)


"The 27 Club: the one you don’t want to join" The Conversation (25 July, 2011)


"Legacy in the age of manipulation" ABC Drum (25 July, 2011)


"Casey Anthony and the thirst for crocodile tears" The Punch (22 July, 2011)


"Bodice-rippers and bad education: do romance novels lead to sexual mistakes?" The Conversation (11 July, 2011)


"Comic patriotism for kicks and giggles" ABC Drum (8 July, 2011)


"The wilding of women: why the media should ease up on girls" The Conversation (5 July, 2011)


"Of man flu and female martyrdom" ABC Drum (27 June, 2011)


"You probably think this song is about you, don't you?" The Conversation (23 June, 2011)


"Gay girl in Damascus or straight bloke in Scotland? It’s the internet, stupid" The Conversation (15 June, 2011)


"A model, not a messiah" ABC Drum (6 June, 2011)


"Living vicariously: porn provides a tasting plate for our unspoken fetishes" The Conversation (30 May, 2011)


"What an orgasmic epiphany!" ABC Drum (23 May, 2011)


"The blight of bedazzled babies," The Conversation (23 May, 2011)


"Facebook ‘friends’ can pimp you out for kicks," The Punch (20 May, 2011)  


"No breeding with that bunch of plankers," ABC Drum (16 May, 2011)


"Sex, lies and slutwalking," The Conversation (10 May, 2011)


"I want photos and I want them now," ABC Drum (9 May, 2011)


"The bridesmaid dilemma," ABC Drum (2 May, 2011)


"The Virginity Paradox," The Conversation (19 April, 2011)


"The debates we have when we're not quite debating," ABC The Drum (5 April, 2011)


"Apple should have kept the anti-gay app," The Punch (28 March, 2011) [Republished in MX 29 March, 2011)


"Jarryd Blair's shocker and a hurdy gurdy of double standards," ABC The Drum (18 March, 2011)


"The Big Blur Theory," ABC The Drum (4 March, 2011)


"Women can critique each other without a catfight" The Punch (1 March, 2011)


"The mile high club just got a whole lot weirder," The Punch (21 February, 2011)


"The Big Book Bust," ABC The Drum (18 February, 2011)


"We're drips for swimming nostalgia," ABC The Drum (16 February, 2011)


"Fire, rain, tears and fears," ABC The Drum (9 February, 2011)


"Political correctness and Hollywood hypocrisy," ABC The Drum (24 January, 2011)


"Defending the King of Spin," ABC The Drum (16 December, 2010)


"Defending the KFC gift card," ABC The Drum (14 December, 2010)


"A Win-Win For Mr 3,000," ABC The Drum (6 December, 2010)


"Culture cringe and fever pitch," ABC The Drum (2 December, 2010)


"The highs and lows of incumbency," ABC The Drum (30 November, 2010)


"In your ear: the ticking iPod time bomb," ABC The Drum (26 November, 2010)


"Love, Marriage, Image Salvage," ABC The Drum (22 November, 2010)


"The ghost in the machine," ABC The Drum (18 November, 2010)


"Sweet charity, sleazy catfight," ABC The Drum (9 November, 2010)


"Class, prejudice and politics," ABC The Drum (3 November, 2010)


"Sex will tear us apart again," ABC The Drum (27 October, 2010)


"Advertising and moral panic," ABC The Drum (22 October, 2010)


"A little bit sexually assaulted: a cup of Milo and a bad lie down," ABC The Drum (6 October, 2010)


"Legitimacy, lunacy and the gender agenda," ABC The Drum (September 13, 2010)


"Why I'm voting Labor tomorrow," 2010 Federal Election Blog (August 20, 2010)


"Campaigns, crackpots and colourful characters," 2010 Federal Election Blog (August 16, 2010) [Also published on Larvatus Prodeo - August 16, 2010]


"The wrong rudder," 2010 Federal Election Blog (August 07, 2010)


"Reality bites," 2010 Federal Election Blog (August 04, 2010)


"The women, the Weekly and the Worm," 2010 Federal Election Blog (August 02, 2010) [Also published on Larvatus Prodeo - August 03, 2010)


"Voters want the darnedest things," ABC The Drum (July 30, 2010)


"Lobes will tear us apart again," 2010 Federal Election Blog  (July 28, 2010)


"Lady dials and the art of reading polls ," 2010 Federal Election Blog (July 26, 2010)


"What Masterchef has taught me about politics," 2010 Federal Election Blog (July 24, 2010)


"Clothing maketh the man but destroyth the woman?" ABC The Drum (July 20, 2010)


"The kids are alright," ABC The Drum (July 13, 2010)


"Primping, preening and cleaning the slate," ABC The Drum (July 06, 2010)


"Gender. Yes It Still Maters," ABC The Drum (June 28, 2010)


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